4" Copper Reflux Column
Our Price: $5,295.00
Sale Price: $4,995.95

200 Gallon Distillation System
Our Price: $138,995.00
50 Gallon Distillation System
Our Price: $94,995.00

StillCraft: Distillation Equipment from the Experts

StillCraft Inc. manufactures and sells the finest handmade (made in the USA) and custom-designed alcohol distilling equipment on the market. We cater to home and commercial distillers with operations of all sizes, whether you’re running your first small batch or a full scale distillery. We have complete moonshine and whiskey stills for sale at unbeatable prices (check out our price match guarantee!) as well as fractional ethanol distillation supplies for use in chemical laboratories and the fragrance industry.

At StillCraft, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop environment. Our valued customers can find just about everything you need to get into distillation or to enhance existing operations right here on our site. We stock over 250 different items, all made with quality and customer satisfaction in mind and many of which can be shipped within 24 hours of order placement. If you’re just getting your setup together or upgrading your equipment, you’re likely to have questions about your purchase—our customer service department is eager to help. Give us a call or place your order today to get started!